Strategic development

We advise on strategy to build and improve company's operations


We find various sources of financing

Cost reduction

Advising on the use of best legal and tax systems

About Us

The group's primary consulting activities are in business development, reorganization and optimization and assistance with entering new markets, financing.

Our goal is to assist businesses in various financial situations. We build a full and consistent proposal for the organization using the expertise of a large group of professionals.


Sephoris Group assists businesses looking for reliable financial sources for ongoing operations or investment goals.

Both start-up businesses and businesses with an established market position require external financial help for more dynamic development. However, it is crucial to get funds from reliable and relevant sources.

We help secure several types of financing:

  • Debt financing (revolving loans, investment loans, convertible notes)

  • Equity financing

  • Factoring

  • Grants and subsidies

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